YOUTH: A Look Into Our Future

During my junior year in the fall of 2020, I made YOUTH: A Look Into Our Future for my Typography 2 course to showcase a collection of youth liberation accounts and articles. The time of our youth is all about discovering oneself and growing from one’s mistakes and the world around us. To create change, one must have the passion and determination to be the change. Not everyone is the same, all people are different and have different ideologies and mindsets, especially during the time period before adulthood. In this book, a series of articles highlight rebellion against the “norms,” and how it’s up to the youth of today to challenge what was once seen as right to create a better world for people of all ages, races, sexualities, genders, etc.

The fonts chosen were specifically selected in order to compare and contrast tradition/the older generation to modernity/the youth. The color palette is meant to mimic youth’s passion, independence, and attachment to what is natural, or essentially what it means to be human. The gradients are supposed to reflect growth.